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Key Stage 4

Choosing your options is the first step to your future and as such is a very exciting time.

You get to shape your learning for the next three years, but also start to shape your career 鈥 these subjects will determine what you do in Post 16, maybe what you do at university, and what job you will go into. That makes this very exciting but also very important.


All students study 草榴社区 English Language and English Literature across Key Stage 4.

English Language

The aim of the Language qualification is to allow students to:

  • Read fluently from a range of texts and summarise, evaluate and compare these texts
  • Write effectively using Standard English, use spelling, punctuation and grammar correctly and accurately, and develop and apply a wide vocabulary.

Assessment is through two examinations which include both reading and writing tasks. One is looking at creativity and the other at viewpoints and perspectives. There is also a separate Spoken Language mark awarded which is given from work across the course, but this does not contribute to the 草榴社区 English Language overall grade.

English Literature

The English Literature qualification complements the Language qualification and builds on both the reading and writing skills. Students will study:

  • A Shakespeare play such as Macbeth
  • A 19th Century novel such as a Christmas Carol
  • Modern prose such as an Inspector Calls
  • A range of poetry dealing with the themes of power and conflict.

Assessment is through two written examinations at the end of the course. The exams will be based on the texts studied in lessons but also contain an unseen element to test the skills developed across the course.


All students will study 草榴社区 Maths in Key Stage 4, building on their knowledge from Key Stage 3. The 草榴社区 focuses on the development of mathematical knowledge, skills and methods to allow students to:

  • Solve problems
  • Use reasoning to draw conclusions
  • Interpret information in a range of forms.

Assessment is through examinations at the end of the course and there are two tiers of entry depending on a student鈥檚 abilities. Students are entered for Maths at the point of readiness and this may allow an opportunity to access further qualifications in Year 11, including A Level Maths.


All students will study 草榴社区 Science over the three years of Key Stage 4 as either:

  • Combined Science (Trilogy) – the three subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are combined within the qualifications which lead to two science 草榴社区s
  • Triple Science – the students study the three separate subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics which result in three separate 草榴社区 qualification. If students choose this route, this will form both their core science provision and some optional subject time within the curriculum

Assessment in all science qualifications is through examinations at the end of the course. Students will complete practical work in Science and their skills at this will be testing in the examinations. If a child wishes to progress to study one of the separate sciences at A Level, it is recommended that they study Triple Science at 草榴社区. However, this is not a prerequisite of progressing to A Level.


Across the three years of Key Stage 4, students will develop a range of key ICT skills which will enhance their experiences in other subjects, support their progression to the world of work and prepare them for further study in the subject.

Optional subjects on offer at 草榴社区 are:

  • Art and Design
  • Business
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Food and Cookery
  • Geography
  • Graphic Communication
  • History
  • Health and Social Care
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • Textile Design
  • Travel and Tourism

Download our Options Booklet below to read detailed information about what each subject covers, the skills you will develop, the next steps and information on career pathways.

Read 草榴社区 Options Booklet